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Creating a 2D Platformer in Flixel 2.55

The "Creating a 2D Platformer in Flixel 2.55" tutorial series is designed to teach you how to use the Flixel game engine for Flash. Over a series of tutorials, you will learn how to start using Flixel, how to unleash the power of Flixel Power Tools, and how to use Flixel to create a 2D platformer game.

This tutorial series was inspired by the “Creating a Flash platform game with Flixel and Flex” tutorial series by Matthew Casperson. I was originally simply updating Casperson's tutorial series to be compatible with Flixel v2.5, but now they have been taken down and only exist in his archive on his new site. Given that turn of events, I took the time to make the tutorials use Flixel Power Tools and be organized in a way that is more usable in an actual game.

This series also owes a nod to the “FlashPunk, DAME, and Lua Tutorial” series by Thomas Gorence. Reading his tutorial gave me the idea to update Casperson’s original tutorials. My hope is to extend these tutorials to include level creation using the DAME editor.


  1. Getting Started (source)
  2. Adding a Player (source)
  3. Adding Weapons (source)
  4. Generating Levels (source)
  5. Adding Enemies (source)
  6. Sound and Music (source)
  7. Victory State (source)
  8. Moving Platforms (source)
  9. Squashing the Player (source)
  10. Adding Pickups (source)
  11. Jet Pack (source)
  12. Bouncing Blocks (source)
  13. Ladders (source)
  14. Doors (source)
  15. Powerup Blocks (source)
  16. Water (source)

Download Flixel (v2.55) with Flixel Power Tools (v1.9)

Download Full Source (including all tutorials and Flixel) [7.1MB]